Find Your Sacred Flow!

Dear Yogins,

I’m so excited, I took a leap yesterday and started writing my very first book. Sacred Flow is the name I’m giving the body of work I have been deeply immersed in for the past 30 years. I combine myth, mantra, mudra  movement and meditation together to illuminate the yogic process of transformation.


Myths take us to deeper personal and cultural truths. Mantra’s traverse body, heart and mind leaving us with a pathway into the interior spaces. Postures offer us a chance to remap our bodies story and embody mythic characters attributes such as courage and open heartedness. Through a reconfiguration of our subtle bodies memory of contraction we start to take on a new version of ourselves, one that can stand more firmly in. Our central channel lights up. Mudra is an inner state or feeling that is then mapped on to the physical form often through hand gestures but also through each and every asana posture we find ourselves in.  Meditation is where the magic begins to happen in the most profound way. By combining all of these practices together we arrive ready to sit, perhaps dropping a mantra into the subtle field where magic begins to happen in the subtle realms.

We all desire to feel lighter, brighter and more in alignment with our talents and gifts. The practices of yoga are a doorway into that awakening.  I’m so thrilled to be at this stage of my journey where I’m starting to put the pieces all together. Yoga is a mythic journey into our heart center, into the central channel where healing at the highest levels occur.  I have many wonderful offerings coming up this Spring locally as well as a Summer retreat to Crestone, Colorado and programs in India! See below for details.


This Saturday, March 18, 2017, Mike Cohen and I will be offering up Sacred Flow at Samadhi Yoga In Denver 12 – 3PM

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This August, Come learn about the Goddess Lalita Devi as we dive into the goddess myth, mudra, mantra and great teachings of how to integrate the spiritual into the material realms of life. Crestone Summer retreat is a unique and special offering I do only once a year in the heart of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado. Please sign up now to hold your spot and pick out your room arrangements.

Crestone Summer Retreat:
Take your self on retreat and up level your practices!!


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It’s here, you have been asking for it!
Womens’ Sacred Journey & Retreat to India


December 2017

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Please check out our on-going classesretreats and upcoming 200 and 300 hour and advanced Teacher Trainings.

I so look forward to helping you take your next leap on this path!

Connie Holen