Jeanie’s Yoga Therapy work focuses on structural integration and alignment, based on her many years as a practitioner and teacher of yoga. She studied yoga therapy with John Friend and has completed her training in the Rolf /Structural Integration Method.

One 1. 5 hour session $150
Three 1 hour session ($120 each) $360
Six 1 hour sessions ($120 each) $720
Special Package Deal:
Ten 1 hour sessions ($100 each) $1,000

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Group & One-to-One Mentoring for Students & Teachers in:
• asana • alignment • spiritual growth • business

One of my greatest joys is helping others access their potential. I created these mentoring program to enhance your yoga studies, in asana, meditation, philosophy and business. Its also a time we can dive deep into creating the perfect practice for you that will help you find true empowerment from the inside out.

It’s possible to live a life full of beauty, freedom and abundance when we learn to tap into our potential. The ancient yogins understood that through meditation we could remove much of our negativity, fear, doubt and inhibition. Through inner and outer work on our cushion, mat, in business, work, teaching and in all creative endeavors we can co-create the lives we desire.



  • Access more energy and joy with a commitment to your practices that helps release old beliefs and limiting patterns.
  • Establish a self practice
  • Learn basic Ayurveda practices for well being.
  • Study yoga philosophy together for enhancing daily life
  • Establish a daily mantra based meditation practice that clears away tension and fear.
  • Understand the beauty and power of chanting.
  • Study pranayama and its effects on the body/mind
  • Identify and explore what holds you back from living the life you desire.
  • Release fear and step into your authentic expression.



  • Help outline where you need/want to go in your yoga practice, meditation and business.
  • Establish a daily self practice
  • Sequencing Strategies for Vinyasa and alignment based classes
  • Take the “Seat as the Teacher”
  • Theming and Execution”Landing it in the body”
  • Refining the word, active and passive language
  • Feedback on your live or streamed classes
  • Understanding the powerful role of alignment in your teaching
  • Learn Restorative Yoga and proper use of essential oils
  • Learn myths and how to weave them through your classes
  • Therapeutic Yoga for healing injuries.
  • Learn to tap into Universal consciousness through meditation and see how it enhances your life and teaching.
  • Energetic tools for grounding and releasing (“Become the best version of your self for teaching and life”)


Have you ever wanted a guide to help you along your path? I have always sought out personal and professional help for yoga teaching, personal growth, business strategy and balancing my books. We all need help. Perhaps you would like to incorporate spiritual practices into daily life and see concrete results? Maybe you are a teacher of yoga and want to understand how to grow your business. Or you just want to have more confidence in life and/or teaching. I’m here to help you. I’m very excited to take you to your next level.

Sessions can be on the phone/skype or in person. All phone sessions will be recorded and sent to you via email. One-to-one mentoring can begin anytime.

LAKSHMI’S OFFERING: (For STUDENTS of yoga seeking greater depth in practices and life)


  • 1 two hour “Mapping it out” session with Jeanie. Where are you going, what do you want? ($300 Value)
  • 10 One-to-One hour long sessions with Jeanie ($1,500 Value)
  • 10 punches for Jeanie’s studio classes ($120 Value)


Pay in Full Early Bird $1,500 by January 15 / $1800 after.


Payment Plan Option: $380 a month (for 5 months)


Take Your Teaching To The next Level!


  • 10 One-to-One sessions with Jeanie, 1.5 Hours each ($1,500 Value)
  • 2 two hour sessions “mapping it out ” business, yoga practice, sequencing ($600 Value)
  • 10 punches to Jeanie’s studio classes ($120 Value)
  • 2 visits to yoga classes (Teachers of Yoga) – includes feedback ($500 Value)
  • Step more fully into your voice – Key practices for stepping into your teaching!


Pay in Full Early Bird $1,900 by January 15 / $2,200 after.


Payment Plan Option: $460 a month (for 5 months)



Register via the buttons above or mail a check to:
Jeanie Manchester, 1480 Violet Ave Boulder, CO 80304

HEALING SESSION with Susan Manchester

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Jeanie’s sister, Susan Manchester, has 30 years of specialized training and exploration in the healing arts including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Rolf/Structural Integration, Deep Tissue Massage and Medical Qi Gong.

For more information and rates visit

Contact Susan at 303-746-5358 to schedule a session