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Shakti Rise 200 HR Teacher Training In Boulder, Co SEPT 2019 Dates TBA


What makes the Sacred Flow Yoga trainings unique is the emphasis on alignment, peak pose sequencing and how this relates to awakening the central channel through myths, mantra, mudra, and movement. Meditation becomes a foundational practice for our teaching at this level.  You will learn how to embody your postures with breath, and an inner heart quality that uplifts and transforms.

This training is for anybody seeking to transform their lives through yoga practices.
Awaken to more energy and clarity for your life! Steep in ancient wisdom!


  • Study the rich history and foundational texts of yoga that are applicable to life today.

  • Learn basic anatomy and alignment for health and healing so you can live your life positively contributing to community.


  • Come to better understand the story you wish to tell through your body. heart, mind and vocation.

  • Learn to teach Vinyasa, Sacred Flow & Restorative Yoga

  • Learn to teach pranayama and meditation

  • Learn to teach “Sacred Flow “peak pose sequencing, myth,mantra, mudra

  • Alignment principles for accessing our central channel and esoteric anatomy

  • The Art of the demonstration

  • Observation skills & Assisting

  • Masculine and Feminine Verbal skills

  • Teach to beginners, all levels, intermediate

  • Applied anatomy specific to teaching yoga


  • Take a journey into ancient myths and how you become each character in a story.

  • Tap into your shadow and transform negative thoughts and beliefs.

  • Learn powerful and transformational myths and how to embody them through postures, and peak pose sequencing. So much fun and empowering.


  • Deepen, renew or begin a personal practice in meditation and asana, Learn to thrive!

  • Take up and or deepen your meditation practice. Revel in a life giving practice that reduces stress and optimizes life in mysterious and profound ways.

  • Meditation has the power to reveal your shadows and optimize your gifts.

  • Deepen your meditation practice for teaching and life

  • Seasonal sadhana practices for your well being and others

  • Experience a variety of pranayama (breathing techniques) Feel More energy!!


  • Become aware of contractions, inhibitions and shadow aspects that prevent you from moving forward.

  • Reclaim the joy you are meant to be!

  • Mythic lore and its importance in your life.


200 Hour Training Dates:

Training includes 5 weekends of training in Moab, Utah in addition to self-study and calls you can do from home.

Sept 27 – Sept30, 2018 (in Moab, Utah ) Autumn Module “Ganesha’s Twisted Trunk, New Beginnings”. Step into the mythical lore of the elephant boy, Ganesha and learn how these teachings are relevant to your life. Study alignment and its effects ion the body/mind. gain greater access to your midline, gifts and talents Learn to meditate

Nov1-4, 201 8 (in Moab, Utah ) “Nataraja and our dance with life”. Mythic lore to inspire your daily life. Learn to dance your passions into reality.

November, 2018 (Homestudy) Shakti Rise on line training immersion (AT HOME study). Nov 8 & 13, 6 PM calls: “The Rise and integration of the masculine & feminine!“. Come be inspired, Listen to many expert interviews that will inspire you  from taking hold of your financial life to dying consciously.

December, 2018 (Homestudy) Self Study/Practice/meditate “The Potency of the Winter Solstice, Going Within”. Experience the power of meditation to bring a calm centered presence to your life while tapping into the more subtle domains of consciousness deep within. Meditation Challenge Month. Read Sally Kempton's, "Meditation For The Love Of It "

January 25 – 28, 2019  (in Moab, Utah )  “Durga Rides the Tiger, Inner Strength”. Tap into the power of the myths around Durga and the power to heal through yoga practices.

February, 2019 (Homestudy) Shakti Rise “The Rise and Integration of the Masculine & Feminine” Out line study.

Feb 5 & 19, 6 PM calls. More expert interviews discussing how to step more fully into your talents and gifts. Plus meditations and practices around each Goddess.

March 14-18, 2019 (in Moab, Utah ) Lakshmi’s Love “Embracing Beauty, Fullness and Abundance“. Step into the power of your innate beauty and prosperity by tapping into your gifts and talents full on. Through Yoga practices we begin to uncover what we are truly looking for in life. We tackle our inhibiting beliefs and start lving a more potent and bliss filled life.

April 11-14, 2019 (in Moab, Utah ) Hanumans’ Leap “Skill in Action”. Take your  refined skills and offer them to the world. We will look back over our time together noticing the shifts and changes and where we would like to make greater leaps towards in the coming year.

May 2-5, 2019 Hanumans’ Leap  In Moab, Utah

“Skill in Action”. Take your  refined skills and offer them to the world. Putting it altogether. Teaching a 60 minute class on your own utilizing a string theme, heart virtues, alignment, philosophy, verbal skills and your unique talents.


Investment: $3,300.

Deposit $500 (non refundable)


Please send a check for $500 to Moab Yoga 37 East Center Street Moab, Utah 84532