I often recommend Jeanie Manchester’s yoga and meditation classes to friends and visitors. Jeanie is the real deal. She doesn’t teach only asana but brings all eight limbs of yoga into her teaching practice. She is deeply versed in the ancient sacred scriptures and has dedicated her life to purusha, pure being. We are blessed to have Jeanie with us in this lifetime.
— Chrisine C
I just got back from a 3 week road trip to California. I checked out Yoga classes in LA, Berkeley &, Point Reyes. Classes were good, but nothing beats coming home to Boulder and Jeanie’s Manchester’s class. Sunday”s classes are so special with live music. It’s good to be home.
— Gail Z
Jeanie’s Sacred Flow class has rocked my world. Her teaching is solid, foundational, challenging, and always focused…she leads meditation every bit as well as she teaches yoga asana and pranayama. and I highly recommend that you take a class or workshop. Get the benefit of some teaching from this yogi, and move your life in a positive direction!
— Steve A
In class you get immediately that she loves to teach, it is no wonder she is so good at it! For students at any level, her classes are fun, challenging and safe. I highly recommend the gift of yoga with Jeanie.
— Steve, Boulder, CO
I attended your yoga class…it was a wonderful experience that has resonated with me in so many ways. I was most impressed by the deep peace and joy that I experienced in the days immediately afterwards - I hadn’t expected that and am still in awe of the whole thing! I was “infected” by your open heart, your humility, and your obvious desire to share your love of life with us.
— Larry B
Jeanie’s depth of knowledge and consistent embodiment of her yoga and meditation practices radiate through her teaching. I am so grateful to have a teacher like her in Boulder, Colorado.
— Jessica J
Jeanie’s Immersion and teacher training was so powerful for me, because it really shifted the way I’m traveling on my yogic path. As a single mom with a demanding job, I tend to be all about masculine energy. Jeanie helped me see the importance of the feminine, helped me to access my divine femininity and soften my grip on life. The focus she puts on a daily meditation practice helped me to dial into mine and as a result I’m calmer and more focused on a daily basis, as well as feeling more connected to spirit. This was not my first rodeo, as far as yoga trainings go, but it gave me my biggest shift.
— Boulder, CO
Jeanie teaches a universal yoga with life lessons weaved throughout each class. The body, mind and spirit are awakened in her class. Jeanie is a present and mindful teacher who can help you wake up to this beautiful life!
— Kerry Patterson
Jeanie is masterful at integrating the daily grist of life (kids, errands, work, relationships) into the mill of yoga.
— Whitney Wogan
I signed up for a retreat in Crestone with Jeanie. Little did I know that during this retreat, it would change my entire body and heart so much that I had to jump and begin to do the teacher trainings she was offering. By the end I was an entirely different person standing stronger in my body and voice than ever before. She offered a strong foundation to yoga roots, I learned intricate alignment and learned to look inward towards my heart in order to guide me as a teacher. You can not go wrong studying with Jeanie.
— Sarah, Boulder, CO